5 Feb 12
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In which Henna has problems dealing with conservatives

SO my flatmate has a friend over. My flatmate, who is an awesome, liberal person. And her friend is a supporter of Niinistö, which is fine, I guess. Not all Niinistö voters are homophobic racist morons. Everyone has right to choose their candidate, democracy and all that (although, if you voted for Niinistö, I consider you to be wrong). 

The first thing I head was that she was relieved that Niinistö won. ALERTS ON. THERE IS A NIINISTÖ PERSON IN MY HOUSE. CALM DOWN. I think he’s disgusting. When referring to Haavisto or his spouse, I’m not sure. I’M SORRY? Flatmate: She’s a bit younger than he is, isn’t she? Doesn’t matter as long as as she is a woman. Oh, I understand. It doesn’t matter that our first lady-to-be apparently has two brain cells, as long as she is a she. Cool. 

Look, I understand that people have different opinions and that curing homophobia won’t happen overnight and even though I don’t respect your opinions at all, really, you have a right to them. But this is my apartment (that I share with other people but still! My apartment!) THIS IS MY HOME. I’m tired of having to listen all the political bullshit that goes around here, this is my refuge where I can rest with my left-wing hippie socialist rainbow liberal ideals and thoughts. And you are invading. Please leave. 

  1. eldritchsun said: courage. Politics always get on my nerve for this exact reason
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